Brad Williams and Susan Walker in Halloween costume at the WordCamp Philly 2017 after-party

This May Be the Pinnacle of My Career

So, I was at the WordCamp US party for speakers, sponsors and volunteers, and three times over the course of this evening I was introduced as the woman who was the Blue Screen of Death at WordCamp Philly in October.

I may have to face the fact that this will be how I’m known for the rest of my career. Doesn’t matter what plugins I write, what sites I develop or how I contribute to WordPress. I am, and always will be, Blue Screen of Death Woman.

It’s not a bad gig. BSODW is way more photogenic than I am in real life. And it’s a lot of fun freaking people out by drifting up to them and standing there, not saying anything.

But, to whoever eventually writes my obit: could you maybe not lead with this? Please?

Photo of Brad Williams as David S. Pumpkins and Susan Walker as the Blue Screen of Death at the WordCamp Philly 2017 After-Party.

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