Susan Who? Wrote What?

I’m currently a web developer for OIT-Camden at Rutgers University, where I build cool things with WordPress. I like to share my multisite code and experience because the things that aren’t in the Codex make the difference between success and failure.

When I’m not writing, testing, dissecting, fixing, talking and occasionally eating code, I like to, in no particular order:

  • Attend Philadelphia area theater and arts events
  • Read biographies, history, sci fi/fantasy, detective novels, classics — almost anything, really
  • Doodle in Photoshop
  • Contemplate cleaning my apartment
  • Eat chocolate
  • Walk off the chocolate
  • Babysit my favorite toddler

Theater (or Yes, I Do Have a Life Beyond WordPress)

Despite the handicap of having no discernible talent, I still perform when I have the chance. Most recently I was in the Shakespeare in Clark Park production of “Coriolanus” as one of the Roman citizens. The show reunited 10 community performers who first worked together in 2014.

My biggest life-changing personal event since returning to the Philly area in 2011 was serving in the rebel army for the 2014 production of “Henry IV: Your Prince and Mine” presented by Shakespeare in Clark Park and Team Sunshine Performance Corporation.