Skins for Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is a popular social media plugin, but its styling options are limited to the available skins. This plugin provides six new skins created with the help of the Socicon generator.

Get the Skins for Social Media Feather plugin from the WordPress Plugins repository.

The Skins

The skins added to the Social Media Feather settings are:

How it Works

Social Media Feather has a hook that allows developers to tell it about other icon sets — or skins — that are available to be used. Skins for Social Media Feather passes the information about the new icons’ locations to Social Media Feather, which does the rest.

Once you install and activate the plugin, the new skins appear on Social Media Feather’s own settings page.


  • No additional settings to worry about — nothing new is stored in the database.
  • Optimized icons.
  • Contains support for translations.

Styling Tip

If you’re looking for a version of the square icons with rounded edges, you can make your own by adding this line of CSS to your stylesheet:

.synved-social-image {border-radius: 6px;}

Change the 6 to a different digit to try out different amounts of curve.