Come See Me at WordCamp US 2017

WordCamp US 2017 speaker badgeBack in the spring I gave an impromptu talk on web content at a WordPress Philly meetup. Someone suggested it would make a good WordCamp talk, and someone else encouraged women to submit to WordCamp US this year … and, well, here I am.

WCUS is only 10 days away and my talk is ready to go.

I was so busy with WordCamp Philly that I haven’t had time for butterflies. Did you know the collective noun for butterflies is kaleidoscope? I feel one massive kaleidoscope of butterflies coming on.

Anyway, I’ll be presenting “Web Content as Usability” at 10:15 am Central Time Saturday, December 2, at Music City Center in Nashville. Please drop in and offer moral support if you’re attending. If you can’t be there in person, you can still livestream all the WordCamp US talks. Get your free ticket online.

Come see me! Ask questions! I’m looking forward to meeting you at WCUS.

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