Using the Roles List Filter

The Multiple Roles Interface function to display the checklist of roles on the user-edit.php page has a filter hook, swt_list_multi_roles_edit, that’s useful for sorting roles or removing an item not already filtered out elsewhere by WordPress.


Whatever functions you attach to this hook, they always need to pass in the array $roles as an argument and return $roles as an array of the same form.

Example: Sorting Roles

PHP has lots of functions for sorting and manipulating arrays. Here’s a simple example of how to organize roles in alphabetical order, which may be useful if you have numerous custom roles:

// Sort the roles for display on edit-user.php
function sort_the_roles($roles) 
  return $roles;
add_filter('swt_list_multi_roles', 'sort_the_roles');

If you’re on multisite and you need to apply the filter to just one site — let’s say it’s the site with the ID number of 3 — and ignore the others. A function such as this will return $roles untouched if it’s not the site in question and will sort $roles if it is.

// Sort roles for blog with ID of 3 only
function sort_the_roles_on_three($roles) 
  global $blog_id;
  if ($blog_id != 3): 
    return $roles; 
  return $roles;
add_filter('swt_list_multi_roles', 'sort_the_roles_on_three');

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