Links Related to Web Content, Usability and Design

If you’re interested in reading or watching more related to my WordCamp US talk on Web Content as Usability, here are a few links to resources adjacent to to the topic. Some are about content while others lean more toward accessibility. Together they’ll fill in and expand on some of the things I mentioned.


How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages
Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group

The 59 Second Rule: 3 Reasons Why Users Leave a Website
Cody Ray Miller, The Daily Egg

The 10 Second Rule for Website Usability
Alex White

The Smartest Content Strategist in the Room: Your Audience
Dave Thomas, Think Blog

Web Analytics in Action in Higher Ed

Esther Shein, University Business

Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign
Cameron Moll

No Audience/Know Audience
Brad Sukala, Think Blog

Does Your Web Site Suck?
Vincent Flanders, Web Pages That Suck

Transitioning from Marketing-Oriented Design to User-Oriented Design: A Case Study
Shari Laster, Tammy Stitz, Frank J. Love & Casey Wise


How to Be Leslie Knope for Content in a Website Redesign
Content Strategy Philly, April 2017

User Empathy – Prioritizing users in your UX process in WordPress
Mary Fran Wiley, WordCamp Chicago 2017

Spare Me From Your Stupid Slideshow!
Evan Scheingross, WordCamp San Diego 2017

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