Slides for “Multisite: Lessons I Learned the Hard Way” Posted at Last

The slides from my presentation to WP Philly in April are finally online in a central location. It’s taken me this long to set up a new desktop, laptop, do something about the horrific internet connection at home, build this site and create a SlideShare account. Better late than never, I guess.

You can also see these slides on SlideShare.

Getting Ready for the First WordCamp US

WordCamp US 2015 VolunteerAnd I’m pondering the line between being well prepared and obsessing. Here’s how I figure it:

Being well prepared: making sure in advance that all phones, computers and other devices are fully charged and all the accessories are accounted for and ready.

Obsessing: spending almost 10 minutes trying to decide which of three pairs of socks to wear to the event … under knee boots.

I’ll be volunteering over the weekend, serving as room runner Friday morning and working at the Happiness Bar around midday Saturday. Looking forward to meeting lots of new people this weekend in Philly. Come say hello!